Sounds of the Deep LP Pre-Sampler

Mav / / Bungle

Record label
Scientific Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 17th 2013


A1Me Against The MachineMav remix Chris.su5:49
B1SkylinesMav remix Bungle5:50

The marvelous classic returns with a fresh breath of new life, accompanied on the flipside by a touch of softness applied to a big forthcoming unknown. As Mav's full album is looming out of the horizon more and more, here is another 'teaser', so to speak, to make you ready for the things to come. With SCI013 you can feast upon a splendid single featuring two fantastic remixes of the past and the present. Let's have a closer look at the tracks themselves. Do you remember 2003 and Mav's groundbreaking 'Me Against the Machines' released on Fokuz LTD? It surely has swept some dancefloors across the globe, hasn't it? Well, guess what - it's back, revamped by the Hungarian expert on acid-driven basslines and twisted beats, the one-andonly Chris.SU! The remix does full justice to the original version of the track, but also enriches it with fat neurofunk vibes involving heavy bassline and sharp rolling drums to make it work effectively in today's drum & bass reality. As the past has been covered, let's move to the present. One thing you can be sure about Mav's new album is that it pays some genuine tribute to the classic atmospheric concept of d'n'b, and one of the tracks especially close to this concept is 'Skylines' - remixed here by Brazil's supertalent going by the name of Bungle; the man is capable of delivering some wonderful softness and harmony to any kind of music he deals with and 'Skylines' is no exception to this - with heavenly pads, warm bassline, delicately stepping syncopated beats and a splash of charming melodiousness it becomes a real soulful lullaby. That said, have a sneak peek at the previews yourself and see how to skillfully combine a lesson of history with the spirit of today.