Quarks / Up&Down

Optiv & Maztek

Record label
Maztek Subculture
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 16th 2012


A1QuarksOptiv & Maztek6:15

Two nice rough rollers from Optiv and Maztek ready to smash the dancefloor, Sci Fi Environments and technological sounds take us on a cosmic journey, voices from the deep , heavy drums and hard basslines make this release a neurofunk masterpiece. Raiden: I like to drop this tune when I feel the dance needs a shot of adrenalin, always brings the dance back to the boil! Dj Radic (Full Force Rec) : thats so sick! great release!!! Dj support so far from Ed Rush, Chris Renegade, Btk, Raiden, Dj Radic, Renegade Hardware, Aeph and many more