The Original / Your Words - Transparant vinyl

Chrissy Murderbot / Pawn

Record label
Shoot Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 16th 2013


A1The OriginalChrissy Murderbot5:00
B1Your WordsPawn4:24

The first release from Shoot Recordings is an absolute scorcher, and showcases the new label's dedication to forward-thinking sounds and dance floor annihilation. First up is The Original, a weighty stepper from @ChrissyMurderbot (Loose Squares) that's part Chicago juke, part Bristol jungle and all heavy-duty funk. Sporting a half-step intro that drops out into the biggest swooping bassline this side of the classic '26 Bass,' The Original has an old school feel but definitely earns its name. It's also guaranteed to steam up the club like a hookah in the sauna. Answering the challenge, Pawn (Smog) @pawnsound delivers Your Words, another beyond-genre bass monster that takes it deep without ever losing its dance floor sheen. Described by label boss @Calculon as 'dirty bass music at its finest,' Your Words is a sick amalgamation of Miami bass, dubstep, juke, hip-hop and malt liquor that could murder the subwoofer in your Impala or twerk your girlfriend off a riser in Ibiza. Next level shit and frankly like nothing you've heard before.