State Of Matter


Record label
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November 14th 2016


A1State Of MatterUmwelt
A2State Of MatterUmwelt remix Ekmen
B1State Of MatterUmwelt remix The Exaltics
B2State Of MatterUmwelt remix Eomac

Shipwrec rolls out its new remix series with a serious slab of electro red meat. The main course is served by a machine music master, Umwelt. And what else would the serving be but the rawest of electro, coarsened by surging acid and slicing snares. Accompanying the original are a triumvirate of talent. Ekman is first, ratcheting up those sticky 303 lines whilst adding his own mischief and menace for a mind-bending mix. Comes in a printed sleeve with artwork by Mehdi Rouchiche. Limited to 200 coloured copies.