Shtum 011


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 4th 2016


B1This Is(Brecht Mix)
B2This Is (ScuffMix)

Leibniz takes no prisoners for his return to shtum. His new EP sees the Leipziger by choice in best form. Harsh but fair. "Grind" is a masterpiece in the matter of building up tension with only few but proper elements. Amen to that drumming and when the strings come in the dance floor is probably already burning. "Foolish" is no less effective with its ultimate kick drum action and the way the pads are manipulated. Romantic Leibniz. On the flipside you get the vibrant "This Is" in two versions. The "Brecht Mix" screams RAVE in capital letters with the bleepy synths and hard snare drum while the "Scuff Mix" trawls through dark and unearthy Techno territories. No-nonsense music. The artwork comes courtesy of DJ Shape and Carl-Johannes Schulze.