Soul Print Recordings Sales Pack 001 [incl. SLPVNL001 / SLPVNL002 / SLPVNL003]

Various Artists

Record label
Soul Print Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 24th 2020


A1Hear MeFil Lavin & DJP7:35
A2Hear MeFil Lavin & DJP remix Andy Ash5:51
B1ThinkPetkovski & Akioki7:53
B2ThinkPetkovski & Akioki remix Deep Space Orchestra8:06
C1Hope in the SoulLife Recorder6:56
C2Night MovesLife Recorder6:32
D1Hope In the Soul (Simoncino Spirit Mix)Life Recorder1:43
D2Hope In the Soul (Simoncino Pressure Dub Mix)Life Recorder4:51
D3Hope In the Soul (Simoncino Morning Mix)Life Recorder4:59
E1Beyond CalaisBrian Harden9:12
F1FevaBrian Harden8:03
F2FevaBrian Harden remix Anaxander6:36

Soul Print Recordings 3x12" sales pack including: * V/A - Thoughts Imposed [SLPVNL001] * Life Recorder - Hope In the Soul EP [SLPVNL002] * Brian Harden - Beyond Chicago EP [SLPVNL003]