Next Attack


Record label
Smackdown Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 18th 2013


A1Next Attack6:34
A2This Fire4:45
B1Not Far6:20
B2Kentar (Confrontation Edit)5:23

The long and awaited winter warz release by Detest is now finally ready to hit the world! Next Attack E.P. by Detest is one of the most anticipated releases of 2013. Daily requests since last year December makes this a wanted artifact for everybody who got love for the underground Hardcore Drum & Bass scene. The first release of Detest on Smackdown Recordings, hitting catalog 006 is an absolute floor banger. After many successful releases on Smackdown by artists like Hellfish, The Outside Agency, Counterstrike, COOH, Current Value, Bryan Fury and many others it's now Detest's turn to show what he's worth. And as we think we are free to say for everyone he has delivered a beauty. Next Attack E.P. offers a combo of Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hardcore influences all perfectly combined as one. The A side is written at 175 BPM and is easy to mix with all styles, pounding kicks, scattering drums and ruff snares provide you with the ultimate weapon in any crossover set. The B side turns things up a bit more to 190 BPM. Blasting hardcore, upsweeping vocals and power drum & bass rhythms make tunes ideal to fuck shit up during the night (in a positive way). This release is a DJ tool, must have for any artist!