Recon [full colour sleeve / marbled vinyl ]

Last Life

Record label
Samurai Music
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 25th 2020


A1The MinimalLast Life
A2P34Last Life
B1CassiusLast Life
B2ReconLast Life
C1EscapeLast Life
C2RvnsLast Life
D1TempleLast Life
D2OmegaLast Life
E1DipylonLast Life feat. Tom
E2Down The MineLast Life
F1TunnelLast Life
F2ThroesLast Life feat. Homemade Weapons

With his first releases as Last Life for Loxy's Cylon Recordings leaving a mark that propelled him into must-check zone with followers of stripped back, progressive DnB, Mauro Picciau has continued to advance the Last Life sound into a distinctive force. His recent tracks for Samurai Music compilations - Decade, Samurai Hannya, and Outliers, plus his own LL Series honed the deadly step forward carved out with his Samurai Music debut EP - Nootka in 2017.