Bloodmuscle / Shuddervision

Catacomb / Cern

Record label
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Release Date
March 25th 2008



Smptm is a brand new label by hollands leading neurofunk label Syndrome Audio... This new infectious sound will grasp the scene like a virus and will leave you staring into nothing while re-counting your chromosomes.. The A side Bloodmuscle is brand new production by Syndrome's own Catacomb.. It triggers the synapses on the dance floor like no other with its solid beats and oozing bass lines.. The B Side shines the light on a new filthy production group called CERN.. Whilst loving the back-in-the-days sound of Ed Rush & Optical, Matrix, Fierce they created this evil bit of wax called Shuddervision. Remember the Wormhole days well cause cern is revamping the sound back 2008! while getting support from the scene's biggest names. DJ Support: DJ Hype, State Of Mind, Phace, Misanthrop, Nocturnal to name just a few