Runway remix / Thinking Aloud

Psidream & Pacific / Dose & Menace

Record label
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August 31st 2009


A1RunwayPsidream & Pacific remix Dose & Menace
B1Thinking AloudMenace

The SMPTM label is back again with another sick release! The A side sees Dose & Menace tackle Psidream & Pacific's Runway track that was initially released on Nightfall.. This remix couldn't be laying around doing nothing so no wonder Benino Syndrome snapped this up for another immense 12 inch! Flip it over for Menace taking it solo style with his Thinking Aloud tune.. Oldskool vibes mixed in with proper future sounds!! The Syndrome force is up and running again and ready for global domination! Support: Prolix, The Upbeats, Misanthrop, State of Mind, Black Sun Empire and more...