Evident Ware Pt.01

Various Artists

Record label
Sneaker Social Club
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 9th 2020


A1Shockout FassSK-1 remix X-Altera
B2Special Request (DJ Guy version)Manix remix DJ Guy
B3Sooty TernELLLL
C1Small FacesPeder Mannerfelt
C2Where Are You Going?Christoph De Babalon
C3ShortyDJ Butterfly
D1Can't AnticipateClouds
D2ParaForest Drive West
D3ESPDream Cycle

Is this the sound of the future or fragments of the past coming back to haunt us? Is a remix of a classic thirty years after the fact an exercise in hauntology or a time loop closing? When hardcore came bowling out of the UK underground, it was sci-fi postulating rendered on wax, but it also reflected an inescapable reality at street level. Idealist, escapologist music that said as much about decades of inner city pressure as it did about outer space fantasies. A sweet refrain underpinned by a necessary ruffness, the elegant ballet of a break dissected 16 different ways over 16 bars, the protest pulse of the subs carrying the torch from one soundsystem culture to another.