Evident Ware Pt.02

Various Artists

Record label
Sneaker Social Club
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 6th 2020


E1DREAMWITHINADREAM Pt. 2Horsepower Productions
E2SinkholeAshford Knights
F2Loss of Self IdentityInterplanetary Criminal
F3Something SpecialSoundbwoy Killah
G1Shibuya Sunset (Hardcore Mix)Konx-om-Pax
G2Limbic RiddimAppleblim
G3OneCoco Bryce
H1Sneaker RhythmDead Man's Chest & Sonic
H2Highgrade MusicHooverian Blur feat. Slarta John
H3Rave CasualAnz

Hardcore has survived three decades. Will it never die? Mutate to survive, as the saying goes. There were outliers back then who remain misfits now, and it's hard to tell whether what they're making now is so different to what they were making then. Maybe the machines are slightly smarter, but they just find ways to rough the sound up elsewhere in the signal chain. What rings true is the sound hasn't aged - in the right hands it still jabs at the frontal lobe and tickles the pleasure receptors with ferocious precision.