Division 10 / Flawless

State Of Mind & Chris.su

Record label
SOM Music
Catalog Number
SOM 006
Release Date
March 16th 2009


A1Division 10State Of Mind
B1FlawlessState Of Mind & Chris.su remix Sigma

SOM drop their final 12 before the release of Faster Than Light, their 2nd full length LP. Described by Knowledge Magazine as one of the most promising albums of the year so far, Division Ten is one of the signature tracks. Driven by a stunning horns section and killer baseline, fans of SOM tunes such as Real McCoy or Sunking this is your cup of tea. DJ support from virtually all corners of the scene, and radio support (rewinds & all) on Grooveriders Radio One plus more. On the other side, UK talent Sigma give the SOM & Chris.Su collab Flawless a dance-floor work over. This remix is only going to be included on a bonus CD available with the album and will NEVER be digitally released... miss at your peril. Grooverider on Radio One - Dangerous... I musta listened to that track [Division ten] ten times in a row...best thing around Presha (Samurai) - Both sides of this 12 are pure quality but Division Ten is the one for me. Bringing back an epic but cheddar free vibe of yester year this tune soars and sticks out of any set. A totally unique sound for 2008 / 09. The lads are on it!! Dieselboy - I was like, what the fuck is this?? Division Ten is awesome! I been playing it every set..