Special Series 18

Spiros Kaloumenos / Dj Mika / Stephane Signore

Record label
Special Series
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 2nd 2009


A1Low KickSpiros Kaloumenos5:38
A2HysteriaStephane Signore remix Spiros Kaloumenos6:02
B1ZionDj Mika6:40
B2BurnoutDj Mika6:00

Pedro Delgardo : Bosnia's very own legend DJ Mika is up here with 2 very very exciting tracks of full on grooving bass techno in true phat Mika style. Burnout and Zion both hit the spot, shit loads of percussion and quick drop edit breaks. Dj Mika is one of the techno geezers to keep your eye on for sure!. Both these tracks are currently being played out by me and are more than 'special' Top marks for Patterns on this one. 5/5