Special Series 28

A.Paul / Rantan / Raul Mezcolanza / Fer BR

Record label
Special Series
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 6th 2010


B1NobodyRaul Mezcolanza
B2The EmotionsFer BR

Special Series coming strong for the second part of 2010. This various artists 4 track EP is a taster of what to expect for the coming months on this special label. A.Paul starts it of with a rhythmic slammer with a great drive. Followed by Rantan, one of the newer additions to the Patterns/ Special Series roster. He prooved to be a force to recon with on labels like Soul Acces and Emphatic. The flip starts with Raul Mezolanza, the man behind all the funkyness on P HOT and this is one in simmilar style, Bomb! Watch out for his full artist album coming soon.. To end this EP Fer BR drops another wicked funky bassline track, Also watch out for his debut album dropping this year on the Special Series!!