Wipe Your Species Sampler


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January 25th 2010


B1StoneroseCatacomb feat. Fortress

From the outer regions of canada hails Catacomb... Last man standing Larry has been lurking in the darkness to bring you the grittiest, the most demonic, dirty and disgusting debut album youve ever heard. Wipe Your Species is here to slash all your wrists from top to bottom with an epic mixture of Neuro & Tech like no other. This little taster is just a fraction of whats coming up.. Dirtnap rumbles up the club like no other with a sound that immense as it is effective... Just the standard Catacomb rolling sound we came to know and love! Stonerose is on a completely different vibe... Larry teams up with the Fortress boys to deliver an epic funked up production. Face kicking Bass and groin kickin snares is what they're after and they have succeeded BIG TIME!