The Remixers

Various Artists

Record label
Sonora Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 18th 2014


A1Echo ParkJay Haze & Lorenzo Dada remix No Artificial Colours6:53
A2Jazz NowDi Chiara Brother's remix Death On The Balcony9:15
B1JuicyDer & Lorenzo Dada remix Wareika8:14
B2Pink CloudsLorenzo Dada remix Daria8:15

Sonora's 54th digital release and 6th vinyl release 'The Remixers' was put together with selecting the best remixes of their past catalogue. Each song selected has been chosen for its unique sound and with the best quality of production. Rome based label, Sonora Records welcomes it 54th digital release, and 6th vinyl release 'The Remixers' to its repertoire The first, a remix by No Artificial Colors of Jay Haze & Lorenzo Dada's track 'Echo Park', is rooted in the consistent finesse of a droplet melody, contrasted by an underlying bass crunch and echoing voices which sit on top of it all. Death on the Balcony's take on Chiara's Brothers 'Jazz Now' comes in with a more prominent drum kit holding down the echoing vocals which seem to besiege you in the best way possible with the use of slick panning work by the artist. After flipping the vinyl over (or letting your iTunes do it for you) you find Wareika's remix in the collection.The track, 'Juicy', originally written by Der and Lorenzo, has a pounding kick drum that keeps the clumsy keys in time while they crackle and fizzle out into remnants of experimental sounds floating around a strong snare. Lastly Daria displays a remix of Lorenzo Dada's track 'Pink Clouds' that starts out awkwardly alluring only to wrap you up in a soft bass blanket and steady hi hat later on. Ultimately this track and release finishes off with a dreamy piano that meets the bass at just the right moment.