Hands Zup


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 18th 2012


A1Hands Zup5:32
A2Sasquatch Scratch Too2:19
B2Drama UK6:01

Stroid is back in 2012. After two sold out releases by DJ Hellfish brough to you by Stroid Records on Audio Sickness Distribution, here is the 3rd release. Stroid Records focuses mainly on Hardcore Hip Hop, merging both worlds slowly closer together. After hit releases like Da Deckwrecka, Test The Meths and Go Cut It, Hellfish returns to Stroid providing you with yet another quality release! The A-side features head track Hands Zup, a brutal fast dancefloor killer with Redman on the mic and Hellfish on the wheels of steel. With proper hardcore kicks combined with ruff breaks and awesome hiphop acapellas Hellfish delivers another bomb to the Hardcore scene. A must have track on a must have vinyl. The Sasquatch Scratch Tool completes the A-side for all turntablist for original battle record dmc scratchers out there. Awesome tool! The B-side features another two quality tracks, one down and one uptempo. B1 is entitled 'Gunrush' and B2 'Drama UK'. Gunrush represents that typical party vibe: hardcore with upsweeping vocals to keep the party going and going. Drama UK is a 200 BPM Hellfish stylee stomper: fast kicks, innovative breaks, rasta emceed, u know the deal! Yet another good quality release and after previous Stroid that sold out, we advise you to order as many copies as you can once again!