Trinity - Triplepack

Luis Ruiz / Oscar Mulero

Record label
Subsequent Records LTD
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 20th 2014


A1The Long TomorrowLuis Ruiz
A2MerrickLuis Ruiz
B1Fires of MolechLuis Ruiz
B2The Holographic TalbotLuis Ruiz
C1The Tree Of LifeLuis Ruiz
C2Assyrian LabLuis Ruiz
D1The Tree Of LifeLuis Ruiz remix Oscar Mulero
E1Ancient DXLuis Ruiz
E2EnlilLuis Ruiz
F1EaLuis Ruiz
F2SirionLuis Ruiz

The first reference of Subsequent Records LTD on vinyl format, by the owner Luis Ruiz, promoter of the Old School Techno sound of the new millennium. The EP contains 4 tracks strictly analog, based on TR-909, thought on the dance-floor. The Techno in all the forms, through euphoric style, dark and melodic structures of Detroit Techno. "The Long Tomorrow" reflects a hypnotic power, a perfect composition designed to express raw feelings, creating a lethal weapon club. "Merrick" the living expression of analog synthesis, with a great Sterak style, highlighting patterns of drums of TR-808 and 909 respectively, giving a taste of classic Detroit Techno . "Fires of Molech" is the living flame of the true sound of Berlin in the 90's. Influence clearly based on Tresor artists of those years. Groove mixed directly with fluctuating environments and alien atmospheres. "The Holographic Talbot" is a confusing combination of adrenaline and melancholy episodes, where the melodies are a perfect musical holographic projection, beyond the material world, and emotions are part of a spiritual journey. A masterpiece on vinyl, grooves give the record alive the Techno culture of the past, and current techno scene in full swing. The return of an extinct species, reborn ... The Techno is still alive! --- Luis Ruiz is back, and how. Superb new release from the argentinian label, is Luis Ruiz on his Subsequent Records LTD imprint delivering an analog/old-school techno, hard big-room industrial techno with a devastating sound, with the prestigious remix by Oscar Mulero on the flip. The a-side is a powerful tracks which falls from one climax into the other. A dirtier, eccentric sound that make it banger the argentinian techno scene on Buenos Aires. On the flip, Warm Up/PoleGroup legend Oscar Mulero take care for the remix, brings forth a more hypnotic Techno sound. The drive on this side will cause damage when spin on a dark basement. The Tree of Life, reveals the roots of the Techno in his pure DNA. --- The third release of Subsequent Records LTD on vinyl by Luis Ruiz. Four tracks on vinyl and one digital bonus on digital. 'Ancient DX' deliver a special FM synthesis from the Yamaha DX series, metalizing TR606 hihats, hypnotic modular drones and sharped 909 snares. The second track is 'Enlil' it's a classic signature of TR909, where the toms and snares reminds the flavour of Detroit. In the other side, 'EA' has that mental concept and sci-fi techno influence, full of analog synthesizers, high resonances MS20 filtering style, abstract sequences and resonant textures. 'Sirion' closes the release with TR909 and complex analog synthesis, an effective massive weapon for the dancefloor. The digital track is 'Inanna' as bonus track encoded like digital file. The third, is the Trinity. The Holy Trinity.