Meta [full colour sleeve]


Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
June 8th 2018



Sublunar, the record label founded by Sciahri and Dagdrom last year starts his 2018 with a brand new EP from the Berlin based artist Refracted, known for his releases on Semantica, Pole Group, Silent Season and Mind Express. This 12" perfectly represent how his style has been crafted during these years, a balanced mixture between his incredible ear for detail, tunnelling trips and tougher beats. The Ep starts with Vortice and as the title says you will encounter a complex vortex of tribalist percussion, a mindblowing headtrip with plenty of moving parts slowly progressing across its eight minutes. Ray is a full immersion into a trippy atmosphere with an high detailed percussive accompaniment, the result is a display of power and finesse. Meta gives the title to the 12" and shows to the listener a full overview of the skills hidden into Refracted's repertoire. A tune that is constantly evolving over his runtime where a pressurized kickdrum push the tension higher after every beat. Meridian, the closing track, stands out for its adventurous sound design, featuring an endlessly pulsating environment where everything is floating delicately in suspension.