Aural Exciter The Remixes

Glenn Wilson & Mike Humphries

Record label
Catalog Number
SUBS 001
Release Date
November 26th 2007


A1Aural ExciterGlenn Wilson & Mike Humphries remix The Sect
B1Aural ExciterGlenn Wilson & Mike Humphries remix Temper D

Welcome to Subsistenz - DnB and Technos first ever crossover label cementing 2 genres to 1 scene. Subsistenz is the spawn of Offkey records and Subdivision housed within the techno family of Subdivisions Sub:Series. Our first output features reworks of Aural Exciter, one of hard technos classic broadcasts. Originally produced by the Uks finest Glenn Wilson and Mike Humphries for Punish (4) 1999. Eight years on since the first assault of Aural Exciter two of technoid dnbs most wanted. The Sect and Temper D step up and take on the might of Wilson and Humphries. The Sect take the ball by the horns on an A side that gives Mistress Diana a well deserved seeing to,dishing out seven mins of unconpromising punishnment in a manner that only The Sect could, Classy filth just like the temptress herself. You Are Going To Pay For It This Time Temper D makes this side his own with a track like the vocal that teases ya and teases ya.. Like Mistress Diana Says: Keep that Rhythm Going and Temper Has obeyed: Spanked and Delivered: Aural Exciter Rmxs 2007 Massive thanks to all at Offkey and Punish :) - The Revolution Is Coming -