Fractured State

The Sect

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 5th 2011


1.01Fractured State The Sect
1.02Suspended Animation The Sect
1.03DoublethinkThe Sect
1.04No Man's Land The Sect
1.05UnderworldThe Sect
1.06Deconstruct The Sect
1.07ManifestationThe Sect
1.08Warning Signs The Sect
1.09Scan The Cosmos The Sect
1.10The Space Between The Sect
2.01R-WorldThe Sect vs. Machine Code
2.02No ReturnThe Sect vs. Dean Rodell
2.03Flash PointThe Sect vs. Cooh
2.04No Mans LandThe Sect remix Current Value
2.05UnderworldThe Sect remix Machine Code
2.06Nightwatch RemixTheSect
2.07Shockabuku Vol 1BThomas Krome remix The Sect
2.08Shockabuku Vol 2AThomas Krome remix The Sect
2.09Aural ExciterGlenn Wilson & Mike Humphries remix The Sect

The Sect are finally back on Subsistenz with Fractured State, an album that is nothing short of pure techy genius. Packed with peak time rollers and machine funked stompers, this collection of fine crafted manipulated beats delivers on every level. Featuring rmxs and Vs from the likes of Current Value, Dean Rodell, MachineCode and Cooh,Fractured State brings more to the table than MR Creosote at a free buffet ... Another Subdiv family affair crafted and brought to life by the duo that kick started the existence & soul of Subsistenz = 'THE SECT'