In The Filth

Sinister Souls

Record label
SCUM Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 27th 2012


A1In The FilthSinister Souls4:07
B1SteroidsSinister Souls5:02
C1The NamekSinister Souls & eRRe4:20
D1FlatlinerSinister Souls6:10

Finally! After slaving away for a year the Sinister Souls - In The Filth EP is ready to be unleashed on the public. These guys have been dropping killer after killer on various labels already and have smashed up numerous raves already and now is the time to show you guys why. The EP starts off with 'In The Filth' A hardcore infused stomper that's been blowing people away ever since it's been created. This production is not one to be messed with... It takes the Dubstep sound into territories one never did dare go. 'Steroids' is an overgrown behemoth of a track.. Rarely do you come across a track so violently and disturbed it can start a riot. Well this one does.. Play at your own risk! Plate 2 shows the boys teaming up with the Spanish eRRe for 'The Namek' a Dragonball Z infused destroyer that's all but childish. This one has been shutting down raves across the globe with its terrorizing sound and over 9000 attitude.. Again play this track at your own risk! Last but certainly not least is the brand new 'Flatliner' A Dubstep / DnB Crossover track that has been making a lot of waves. Drop this one to make sure you want to finish the job proper and add some BPM's to your belt. Play Support comes from the likes of: The Panacea, Audio, Limewax, Broken Note, Bratkilla, Loop Stepwalker, Cooh, Balkansky, Thrasher, Tim Ismag, SPL, Counterstrike, Eye-D & Loads more!