Saturn / Step Into A Dream


Record label
Subway Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 11th 2010


B1Step Into A DreamSeven & Elvee5:15

After the hotly tipped SEEERIOUSSS doing damage on the dancefloors across the globe.... its time for the one and only Seven! If you havent heard his dancefloor anthem Siren (out on Tempa) then get out from under your rock and get to know.. This producer/DJ has been hotly tipped by the likes of N-Type, Youngsta, Headhunter, Benga & shitloads more.. And now its finally time to unleash Seven's Subway debut! The A side sees seven going solo styley on a tune thats been featured in so many sets allready itll ring a bell to anybody.. Yes we're talking about Saturn... The interstellar sounds of Saturn bounce off the walls like an explosion of a 1000 trucks of Redbull... The sugar rush will pull you into dance and wont let go that easy untill the big Pully has been done.. The flip holds a combination that you'll hear alot more from in the future.. Seven teams up with ever so lovely up and coming female artist Elvee for a tune that has subway written all over it.. Step into a Dream is Dark, Bassloaded, Gritty and Fresher then anything youve heard so far. Feel the Bass pound your check while staying eclectic and dancefloor all at the same time.. Seven & Elvee are here to stay! Play Support: Benga, Plastician, N-Type, Headhunter, Youngsta, DJ Madd, Matt-U, 501, Noah D, The Others, Subscape & Loads More