Cerebral EP


Record label
Subway Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 2nd 2011


A1Who's ThereSeven & Youngsta
B1Crime Doesn't PaySeven & Elvee

Seven teams up with his friends for the second installment of the Cerebral EP. Not just some collabs but 1 with Subway's no 1 favorite DJ 'Youngsta' This man is known for his impeccable mixing skills and the tightest selection known to man.. So putting Younx & Seven together is like a dynamite combo already, even before hearing the tune. Well 'Who's There?' definitely doesn't disappoint. This high quality roller is one of the best productions you'll here in a long time.. The traditional Youngsta Darkness combined with the rolling beats of Seven is a combination that will make your mouth water any day of the week. Play it in the early hours or in the later hours this one goes off every time! Switch the sides up for a collab we're not unfamiliar about.. Seven teams up again with the lovely Elvee to bring a upfront jungled up smasher like you never heard before. Taking you back to the oldskool sounds of jungle but updated in a way only Seven & Elvee can do.. This versatile piece of production shows what this Seven EP is about. Seven is here to stay for a long long time! Check the youtube link below for a free downloadable MP3/WAV of 'Binary' to support the Cerebral EP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gsqFg80eow