Straightened Up


Record label
Subway Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
December 19th 2011


A1Straightened Up4:17

Matt-u returns to Subway with a spectaculair EP entitled Straightened Up. Everybody knows the murcky dark sounds of Matt for a long while now but on this EP his flexes his muscles to a different side. The title track 'Straightened Up' is slamming dancefloor roller thats been in heavy rotation ever since its been produced. His signature snap back breaks are in heavy effect here accompanied by a sub so think it feels like you're getting uppercuts to your chest. 'Mind Game' follows the same vibe yet different at the same time. While going down a more deeper and darker road it deals damage like it is nobody buisnes. 'Caveman' takes you back in time into the early days of Dubstep. Back when filth was something that was found in dirty underpants. The hollow feel brings back those memories of the dark moody clubs from back in the day. Dont listen to this without subwoofers....