Record label
Stay Up Forever Records
Catalog Number
SUF 092
Release Date
November 24th 2008


A1I'm Bored (Love Acid)6:57
B1I'm Bored (Love Techno)5:03

IM BORED OF ELECTRO! IM BORED OF MINIMAL! The lyrics say it all, and we at SUF HQ couldnt agree more. Its time, for hard music to REASSERT ITSELF, and for dancefloors to wean themselves off MOGADON MINIMAL TECHNO and CHEESY ELECTRO and start to EXERT SOME ENERGY AGAIN!! Kickstart the revolution with this tongueincheek anthem from underground stalwarts Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss, with the Love Acid mix for the acid faithful, and a storming Love Techno mix for those who like it dark, hard and dirty. A bit of fun, and a poke in the eye for the fashionistas, whose music has dominated the media for far too long. WERE BORED OF IT! LETS RECLAIM THE BEATS AND AVE IT AGAIN!!