Cavity / No Escape

Phace & N.Phect / Mindscape

Record label
Syndrome Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 4th 2006


A1CavityPhace & N.Phect
B1No EscapeMindscape

Syndrome Audio is a new imprint coming from Holland and closely related to Citrus Recordings. The label will feature the creme de la creme of upfront neuro minded producers. With this first release the pace is set. On the A side Phace & Nphect team up to deliver a really deep funk track. Cavity kicks of with a beautiful atmospheric intro, that switches into a darker breakdown. The track drops heavily and has crisp original beats and superb midrange work. This is an absolute deep neuro banger. On the flip Mindscape brings No Escape a minimal stripped down bouncy b line bomb. The tune has killer militant beats a wicked groove and is basically all about headnocking. No Escape is a true dancefloor burner.