Crocker / The Zodiac

Phace / Catacomb

Record label
Syndrome Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 16th 2007


B1The ZodiacCatacomb

After Misanthrop's massive remix of Noisia & Phace's Outsource it seems like Syndrome is here to stay. On the A side the filthy funk flow continues. Phace is up first with a brand spanking new tune. As to be expected this tune is once again a Killa, and already creating quite a stir.. This next tune after his album, is more of a stripped down deep minimal roller, with big punchy basslines, tearing mids, and pulsating scifi fx. On the flip Syndrome present THE boyz to watch.. Catacomb an up & coming duo from Canada delivering real dirt. The Zodiac has got FUNK written all over it. Crisp, strong rolling beats, warm & raw rumbling basslines, moody atmospheres, wicked filtered mid action and nuff darkness,.. Keep an eye out for these boyz.. 2007 will be the year..