The Black Box - disc 3

Dose / Cern / Phace

Record label
Syndrome Audio
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 13th 2014


A1Think StraightDose
B1SatellitesCern remix Phace

Already heading towards the last slab of this indestructible container its time for Dose's Think Straight, a gem that'll keep all the record pilots on their toes. If you didn't know Dose yet then get acquainted. Like a lethal injection of barbiturate it takes you out in a matter of minutes, and that's just all it needs. The final piece can be found on the last part of The Black Box. As Phace has remixed Cern's Smptm debut in true Germanfunk fashion. Phace shows that you can make a lot with little. With its interstellar sound and space age feel its no wonder that rapports say this production originally was responsible for space travel but for some reason has found its way into this box.