Gravitational Push

A Sagittariun / Jared Wilson / Matti Turunen

Record label
Teal Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
November 10th 2014


A1Gravitational PushA Sagittariun5:08
A2Spice FlowJared Wilson5:07
B1Substellar ObjectMatti Turunen5:05
B2ApoapsisMatti Turunen4:35

After an arduous preparation process, TEAL009 is finally ready to be shared with the world. It consists of four tracks, evenly distributed on the surface of a gorgeous phonograph record, that can also be acquired as four digital abstractions in the format of your desire. Sonic contributions come from two TEAL newcomers A Sagittariun and Matti Turunen, as well as the return of Jared Wilson to the label with a fresh cut of his own. The opening drum break swirls into synth-line and syncopation europhoria on Gravitational Push. The droning bassline cuts a groove in the space-time continuum that's so deep, it could put some discussions in Geneva to shame. The playful arpeggios of Spice Flow mask the underlying moody pads, resulting in an unusually honest piece of dance music. Flipping the disc reveals a two-track contribution by Matti Turunen, best known from his work as Morphology with CRC. Menacing kicks and synth chirrups begin Substellar Object as a dark chest-rattling piece. However, its sonic frequency emission spectrum eventually widens into a lush composition. When we arrive at the Apoapsis of our sonic orbit, we are met with a stuttering of rhythms and bleeps. An emotional line melody confidently marks the end of our journey.