Throat Meat

Cupp Cave

Record label
Thin Consolation
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 11th 2011


A1Police Patrol1:54
A2Dawn Simulation1:57
A3Light Crusaderz1:53
A4Cop Porn [interlude]0:42
A5Race Age2:04
B2Golden Aspen3:21
B3Black Snake2:43

About the record: No longer Belgium's best-kept secret, Francis is a high prolific beat-maker, baking his beat by the dozen, under an assortment of alliases: kingfisherg (on Carte Postale, Leaving Records and Wigflip), Sineshine (on Plynt), as a member of Bretzel Zoo (on Eat Concrete), or here (or on Surf Kill or Vlek) as Cupp Cave. His 'garbage Pail Beats', released on Thin Consolation in 2008, were a 'rump-shaking, head-nodding, feet-shuffling slap in the face, one for the crate-diggers and glitch-lovers'. But that chip has sailed, and this is the long-awaited follow-up EP. Once again: 'Think nice crunchy gravel'. About the artist: There's something quixotic about Francis. His world is inhabited by improbable vegetarian Texan zombies on Mexican mushrooms, all thumbs and two left feet. They build those head-nodding toys for feet-shuffling kids. Terry Gilliam is their leader. He's wearing those red and blue cardboard glasses we were told were 3d when we were kids. He's hammered on cough syrup. He says he's making a remake of A Fistfull of Dollars. But he's only got a Polaroid. Drink from my cuo he saysm with his regal tone, king-sized and street-wise - an easy task you might say when you can count your streets with both your hands - as he rolls them out, lazy beat by hazy bleep. I feel like Don King. I feel like chewing on a wafer. This colour's not right. Everything's plastic.