Hear The Claps

Dejan Milicevic feat. DJ Rush

Record label
Titzero Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
March 31st 2014


A1Hear the claps and 303Dejan Milicevic feat. DJ Rush6:27
A2Subsurface MusicDejan Milicevic6:12
B1Reach To Another BodyDejan Milicevic6:44
B2Single StreamDejan Milicevic6:05

We will use this opportunity to pressnt you the new record label Tit0 ( tit zero recordings ) by Serbia's famous dj and producer Dejan Milicevic. The label is in a way the very crown of Dejan's work by now and is also a window into his musical taste, well combined techno with a house flavour.After 17 years of dj career and all of the parties, after parties, events, festivals and clubs all around the world Dejan is trying to unite the support from the audience, friendships, contacts and collaborations into this project so take a close listen. It took a while to make Tit0 but it is profiled with some high quality stuff that will be presented in years to come. The project is one big cooperation with regional and international artists and we are proud to present the first release with legendary dj Rush from Chicago on the microphone, slamming it on a 303, 808, 909 roland flavoured track 'Hear the Claps' in his very familiar way. The artwork of digital releases is made by a famous Serbian artist known as Johnny Rackowitz (Dzoni Rackovic) and was a part of his exhibition in the number one gallery in Belgrade called FLU, all artworks were made by hand. The curiosity of the project is of course vinyl release. The release date is late March 2014 and the plans for the close future are 5 releases in a very Tit0 style. Thank You all for the support and stay tuned to tit zero channel.