Red Light Fever

Neville Watson

Record label
The Nothing Special
Catalog Number
Release Date
April 10th 2020


A1Red Light Fever
B1The Raw Fruit

TNS007: Neville Watson - Red Light Fever Chewed up and spat out the other side of the UK's Acid House scene, Neville Watson was bitten hard by the house music bug and has not looked back since. His brand of deep, raw and jacking house has been released on labels like Clone, Dissident, Rush Hour and Creme Organisation. Neville says 'I kind of like music that sounds like it's all about to start falling apart at any given moment. There's plenty of clean music that I do like but as a rule I like it rough' Music by Neville Watson Drawings by Craig Richards Mastered by Keith Tenniswood Vinyl 180 Gram