The Bridge / No More Ghosts

Glenn Wilson & Mattias Fridell

Record label
Tonal Path
Catalog Number
Release Date
October 25th 2010


A2The Bridge6:15
B1Be Yourself7:18
B2False Sequence6:59

Well here it is folks, the brand new debut release and label from Glenn Wilson & Mattias Fridell. two production perfect works of solid chunky techno with fat vibes aimed at the big floors, both cuts lay down some serious bass heavy hypnotic grooves, pushed along by strong atmospheric sounds. These tracks are no doubt going to be a popular addition to the dance floor and are already receiving big reviews.. No More Ghosts is Tonal Paths second release and the follow up to the debut release The Bridge, which received big reviews and heavy rotation from some of the following Cari Lekebusch, A.paul, Adam jay, Dj Misjah, Mike Humphries and Ben Long. No More Ghosts lays down two more fat slabs of production perfect techno to conquer the big floors, Kicking of with Be yourself which is a dark throbbing workout of bass heavy hypnotic grooves which is fast becoming the ID sound for Tonal Path. False Sequence's progressive layers works and builds into a heavy grinding atmospheric track with a killer break that slams back in for max crowd pleasure.