Mercurial Skin remixes : Tome 3

Shlømo remix Ellen Allien / Reeko / Benjamin Damage / DJ Sodeyama

Record label
Taapion Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 20th 2019


A1Mercurial Skin (Ellen Allien Remix)Shlømo remix Ellen Allien6:06
A2Brother (Reeko Remix)Shlømo remix Reeko6:03
B1Mouais (Benjamin Damage Remix)Shlømo remix Benjamin Damage6:37
B2Mouais (Dj Sodeyama Remix)Shlømo remix Dj Sodeyama5:33

2018 was a year in which Shaun Baron-Carvais, aka Shlomo, fully arrived as one of techno's most exciting talents. An individual at the centre of the city's rich and diverse scene, the Parisian affirmed the thoughts of many as he unveiled his fourteen-track debut album "Mercurial Skin" on Taapion to critical acclaim, marking a significant chapter in the Shlomo journey and a first for the imprint, with DJ Mag naming the LP #6 in their Best Albums of 2018, whilst featuring in Tsugi's top three albums of the year, with praise extending throughout the dance music world and beyond from the likes of Groove Magazin, TRAX and Mixmag, through to publications such as Liberation, Le Bonbon and more. The project signaled both the arrival of a highly anticipated album, but also a complete presentation of Shaun's universe as an artist, with Tsugi noting the release as a "first step towards the total blossoming of a big name in electronic music" as they welcomed him to curate their highly coveted cover CD, showcasing his diverse, expansive palette as both a skilled producer and also a highly accomplished DJ. Having revisited the project's material with updates and edits throughout his own live sets, the Frenchman now welcomes an impressive cast of emerging and established names to remix the package, spanning pockets of IDM and ambient textures through to warping techno as he releases the four-part "Mercurial Skin Remixes" on Taapion this September. Next, title track "Mercurial Skin" sees new life via Ellen Allien's "Remix 1" as the BPitch Control boss lays down eerie synths amongst bumping bass licks, whilst Reeko's remix of "Brother" ups the energy and channels the track's intense vocals to deliver an ominous peak time offering. Benjamin Damage's remix of "Mouais" combines rich organic percussion and sweeping atmospherics, whilst Sodeyama's hypnotic version of the track offers up a spellbinding five-and-a-half minute journey through pockets of space and serenity.