Material Object

Record label
Perc Trax
Catalog Number
TPT 026
Release Date
April 6th 2009


A2Stalefishremix Kyle Geiger

Perc Trax is proud to unveil its first new artist of 2009. Andre Ruello aka Material Object is originally from Australia and has now settled in Europe to push his producing as far as it will go. His sound is a dense, grooving brand of techno a world away from the hollow cookie-cutter mnml currently clogging up most of Europe. His tracks evolve and morph as waves of effects and synths wash over the listener, all riding upon tough jerking grooves that nod to classic Speedy J, Luke Slater and Adam Beyer. This is Andres 2nd release after his well-received Consumer Electronics 12 on Karateklub last year.