Radiate The Ocean From My Back

Yuji Kondo

Record label
Perc Trax
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 15th 2014


A1Radiate The Ocean From My Back
A2Unvanquishable Number
B1Something For Those Who Wait
B2Lose The Ability To Withstand Existence

Yuji Kondo returns to Perc Trax for his first full EP on the label after the success of his remix of Sawf's 'Menete' a year ago. Like Sawf he relentlessly drives forward crafting his own vision of techno, blocking out as many outside influences as possible. Already gaining attention for both his collaborative Steven Porter project and his own Ducerey Ada Nexino side-project it is under his own name that Yuji releases his most uncompromising machine works. It is almost pointless describing individual tracks from this 4-track EP, as they all need to be heard together to experience the full range of Yuji's vision, but rest assured this EP covers everything from martial 4/4 advancements to broken beat experiments here, each wrapped in just enough atmospheric sounds to break up the rhythmic assaults but without ever taken any of their power away. This is one of Yuji's most accomplished and high profile releases to date and comes backed up by a devastating live show which will hopefully be coming to Europe very soon.