Prints of You LP - incl. full album CD - Coloured vinyl


Record label
Translation Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 8th 2014


A1LifestyleNuage & Gerwin4:33
A2Prints of YouNuage6:14
B1Sunday MorningNuage & N4M3 remix Silent Dust5:29
B2Prints Of YouNuage remix iTAL tEK4:08
CD02Prints of You
CD03Usual Dreams (feat. Lady Katee)
CD04Slow Moves (feat. Gerwin)
CD05Indigo Girl
CD06Keep Me Warm
CD07Lifestyle (feat. Gerwin)
CD08Your Words
CD10Wandering Waves
CD12Shining (feat. Veronique J)
CD13Turn East (feat. Veronique J)
CD15Promises (feat. Ellie)

In his highly anticipated musical accolade, Nuage of St. Petersburg returns to Translation to deliver the 'Prints of You' LP, a musical masterpiece that etches his signature style into an ever-expanding range of styles within electronic music. Whilst retaining his characteristically majestic sound and encompassing a seductive, and textural vibe, Nuage delivers a stunning 15-track sonic narrative that covers the spectrum of Deep House, Garage, and Chillstep while creatively and simultaneously flexing his Drum & Bass roots, demonstrating his continued refinement as a musician. The 'Prints of You LP' is a celebrated collection of smooth and sublime tracks with beautiful vocal and harmonic piano interludes, and orchestral strings from artists across the globe featuring upbeat synth melodies, and melodic serenades with pitch-shifted vocal interplay. Spanning from 130 to 170 BPM and back, the 'Prints of You' is so dynamic in musical range that each track will leave your ear captivated, enchanted, and curious for what's next. The vinyl sampler comes on a beautiful piece of eye-catching, smokey blue vinyl with a copy of the CD and includes two exclusive, album-only tracks: Ital Tek's remix of 'Prints of You' and Silent Dust's remix of 'Sunday Morning' as the magnum opus to top off an amazing and monumental work of musical genius. DJ support from Phaeleh, Blu Mar Ten, Om Unit, Ivy Lab, and DJ Flight.