Groove To Me

Michal Ho feat. Jonjon

Record label
Tuning Spork
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 1st 2008


A1Groove to Me
B1Take Away

Michal Ho returns to TuningSpork for his first release of all new material since last falls highly acclaimed Screw the Coffeemaker album, featuring three new pumping and funky cuts, sporking the trademark twistedness to the max. For the last five years or so, Zurich-based Michal Ho has been producing and releasing with reliable pace, mostly solo, originally in Samim & Michal (Get Physical Music). But instead of advancing to the apparent next level of corporate bubblegum production, Michal is sticking to the thing he likes best: churning out stripped-down, funk-infused club tracks. Groove to Me is like a deranged echo of last years single Take Away, once again featuring the talented JonJon (AKA Jamaican-born, London-based Andrew Thompson). This time around, though, JonJons soulful vocals are chopped up and subverted into oblivion, rather than used as a pop element. Bootyjazz is underscored by a slinky descending bassline and interjections of sax synth, while Jack it Out has a more percussive swagger. A1. Groove to Me feat. JonJon B1. Bootyjazz B2. Jack it Out Related items