Venus EP

Altered Natives

Record label
Tapes Sublimating
Catalog Number
Release Date
May 18th 2018


A2Acid Reign
B2Protohyperemix Aiwa

After 6 cassettes Tapes Sublimating is back with their first vinyl EP: 'Venus' by Altered Natives. After releasing his excellent 8th album last year Danny still hasn't run out of ideas. Four tracks telling four stories in different scenes with the whole thing tied together by the tale-teller's trademark sounds and atmosphere with contribution from Budapest's AIWA on the closing track. Opener 'Venus' is a journey itself. Taking you deeper and deeper to a menacing dungeon second by second. It is dark there. You get lost and unsure what is going to happen. Panic kicks in and you feel something is coming when suddenly... Catharsis. After a while you can open your eyes and get back on your feet. 'Acid Reign' is the most earthly of the four scenes. Everything seems clear for a minute, but then it slowly takes you away, losing your head again. Next scene: leaving the planet, outside the Earth orbit. 'Protohype' is floating in space. It is beautiful up there, but also scary and haunting. Finally AIWA takes you a few lightyears away, when everything becomes blurry and even less familiar. Silence. You only hear your heartbeat, when suddenly the drama continues. Be careful, no escaping this.