The Heat Is On EP

Diamond Sublimating

Record label
Tapes Sublimating
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 16th 2016


A1Let's Get This P StartedDiamond Sublimating
A2Let's Get This P StartedDiamond Sublimating remix Altered Natives
A3Hybrid SolutionDiamond Sublimating
B1Csepel House Renovation LtdDiamond Sublimating
B2Elevated StatesDiamond Sublimating
B3Elevated StatesDiamond Sublimating remix Mate Tollner

The debut full EP from the Diamond Sublimating duo might catch you off guard. A record that is earthy and dark yet somewhat ethereal, this 002 for the new label comes in steaming. Recorded by the Hungarian duo on Csepel Island of Budapest, "The Heat Is On" grinds and swirls through expertly crafted blends of house, techno and breakbeat to deliver a body of work that will suit dancefloors at the same time as solo introspection. Remixes from London's Altered Natives and Budapest native Mate Tollner slot in perfectly, each providing their respective take on the homegrown soundscaping that is Diamond Sublimating. The Heat Is On!