SALESPACK incl. 006 / 004 / 001

Prism / Compa / Roommate & Noah D / Antiserum / XI

Record label
Tuba Records
Catalog Number
Release Date
January 27th 2017


A1Future Samba [VIP] Prism
B1Future SambaPrism remix Compa
C1Dirty MoneyRoommate
D1Success Roommate & Noah D
F1Neighborhood Lasersniper XI

TUBA006: Prism's A-side begins dark and cold as ancient prison stone, motionless save an automated string sample ebbing in waves. The breakdown is characteristically spare and ethereal with a few pounding heartbeats. Suddenly, in a moment of true eloquence, Prism turns on both the lights and heat simultaneously, filling the sonic space with a gorgeous quasi-drop. Dynamic and versatile, it plays out as a spectrum from cold and dark to warm and generative-exactly like a sunrise. On the B-side Compa's remix is foreboding as a creepy stranger's warning and as dark as a spell cast by a dark, latent entity. Congas add a mystical and organic element and slight drum fills float alongside slow, even pacing. The tune concludes with deeply distorted underlying strings, reminiscent of long, gunmetal-grey gutters. A shadowy track all the way through. --- TUBA001: Tuba's inaugural release features Antiserum's dark, forceful, hip hop focused banger, Mofo. This A side has been supported by Benga, Babylon System, Sukh Knight, Tes La Rok, Nicon, 12th Planet, DJG, Excision, Datsik, and 16BIT, getting plays around the world. Neighborhood Lasersniper, on the flip, is a dubstep interpretation of a hip hop classic.