Kavar EP

Sil & Rabotnic

Record label
Catalog Number
Release Date
August 31st 2015


A2Kavar (OdD's Alternative Concept)
B2Cherstv remix Radiq

Tvir is a vinyl only label based in Ukraine. Translated from Ukrainian Tvir means composition. Our second release comes from two Moscow based musicians. Victor Lihonosov (Rabotnic) is the owner of Antrakt label, resident of Rodnya club and Kirill Silantyev (SiL) is more known for his work in the duo Easy Changes. This first collaboration of these talented artists brings us the real minimal techno music vibe. The two originals tracks showcase a clear yet peculiar sound. First remix on A side from OdD boys Danny and Damian has a deep and strong melody coupled with some smooth bass lines. Radiq aka Yoshihiro Hanno showcases his talent in the second remix on B side featuring some traditional Japan minimal sounding. Those who appreciate true quality techno won't be disappointed. The artwork for the EP is inspired by Ukrainian folklore influences.