Sell Your Soul / Iron Factory

Micromakine & Sei2ure / Switch Technique & Cooh

Record label
Union Recs
Catalog Number
Release Date
September 15th 2014


A1Sell Your Soul Micromakine & Sei2ure5:04
B1Iron FactorySwitch Technique & Cooh5:23

Union Recordings proudly presents our 10th EP. This time we decided to bring 2 great collabs to prove that Hardcore and Drum'n'bass are still alive and kicking hard. A-side contains track made by Micromakine and Sei2ure 'Sell your Soul' - a crossbreed dancefloor smasher -athmospheric intro will reduce your alertness but be aware when the hardcore kicks combined with the calvacade of snares will attack out of a sudden to make you move your limbs in an uncontrolled raving manner. B-side contains track made by Switch Technique and Cooh 'Iron Factory' - both producers originating from hard dnb world met in this crossbreed collab to create a totally new quality by combining their unique styles in a banging crossbreed track.