Rastaman Seen - Vinyl only

Recluse remix The Illuminated

Record label
Version Collective
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 28th 2017


A1Rastaman Seen4:42
A2Rastaman Seenremix Subtle Mind4:41
B1Rastaman Seenremix Melle4:13
B2Rastaman Seenremix The Illuminated5:08

As a label growing in popularity at a rapid pace, we receive quite a lot of submissions on a regular basis from all over the world. As much as we would love to support every artist that is looking for there chance, we do have our limits and can only focus on music that we feel will drive us and the submitting artist forward. Every now and then, we get something in our inbox that is truly something special and historic. For the month of July, we introduce our second installment in our Vinyl only release series from a new artist by the name of Recluse. To honor the wishes of the artist we are unable to disclose any information about the artist personally, what we can say though is that he will be someone that contributes greatly to the journey of this scene and the music community. To take this amazing song even further to create a stunning release package for you our fans, we will be featuring 3 remixes by scene favorites Subtle Mind, Melle, and The Illuminated. 300 copies, vinyl only Recluse: https://soundcloud.com/reclusedubs https://www.facebook.com/reclusedubs Subtle Mind: https://soundcloud.com/subtlemindmusic https://www.facebook.com/SubtleMindMusic/ Melle: https://soundcloud.com/melle_cloud https://www.facebook.com/MelleDubz/ The Illuminated: https://soundcloud.com/theilluminated https://www.facebook.com/illuminatedNL/