Imperial EP [repress sleeve]

Noisia & Phace & The Upbeats

Record label
Vision Recordings
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 5th 2019


A1ImperialNoisia & Phace5:58
C1DustupNoisia & The Upbeats5:01

IMPERIAL EP We figured it was time for some d&b again, we had a few tracks lying around for a while that we wanted to finish and put out and we had 2 collabs that went well together. We wanted to call it the "Tryhard EP", cause all the tracks were so full on. Then Nik & Karol ( started on the artwork, and couldn't really come up with anything cool with that name, so we decided 'Imperial' was a better name. The artwork took about a week to make. We are very proud of this EP. IMPERIAL Phace came out to Groningen again, as he tends to do, to do music. We started this one without working on the main groove first, Florian had brought this awesome chord progression. We made the intro and progression from it, which is quite different musically from our normal stuff. Then we went a bit theatrical with the music, I guess we kind of surprised ourselves with the intensity of the drop. But it was refreshing to do. And it's been going down rather well in our sets. TRYHARD This is an older track that has had quite a few incarnations. It used to be called "lomp", which translates to crude, or blunt. We had it lying around unfinished for a long time, and a certain youtube set rip was getting a lot of love, so we figured we'd finish it. Changed the mix, added a rollout section, etc. One of the inspirations for this track is Bad Company - Dogfight, such a sick tune. DUSTUP Our friends The Upbeats came down to Groningen amidst one of their Europe tours and we hung out, got in the studio, found an old unused bass riff, used it in the buildup, recorded all of us going 'HA' and 'ZU', worked on drum fills for a long time, temporarily called the tune 'Pumpers', jumped around in the studio and voila! "Dust Up" was born. CONTAINMENT This track has had many faces as well. It started as a bit of a Kemal tribute and and an attempt to do as many things with synths as possible, like the main drums for example (FM8). Along the way it became a journey back into the dark spacious sound of the early 2000's era of D&B. Comes in standard full colour Vision Recordings repress sleeve.