Spiritual Connection / Brown Walls

Babe Roots

Record label
Visceral Vibrations
Catalog Number
Release Date
July 7th 2017


A1Spiritual Connection
B1Brown Walls Pt. 1
B2Brown Walls Pt. 2

From the Italian DUB duo Babe Roots comes the groups third vinyl release since their debut 7 last year on the Sardinian ROHS imprint which sold out in record time. Like the A-sides artwork suggests (a photo of the Major League Baseball pitcher Doc Ellis famous for pitching a no-hitter while on LSD), this record will take the listener on a trip. In classic Babe Roots fashion, each song was carefully crafted using traditional Jamaican dub techniques, blending 90s Chain Reaction / Basic Channel atmospheres and UK trip-hop elements. Spiritual Connection / Brown Walls aims to be their strongest release yet. US-based label Visceral Vibrations teams up with Big Horn Sound (a sound system out of Las Vegas, NV) to provide a record worthy of any dub-heads collection, presented on 12 vinyl and professionally mastered by Beau Thomas at TenEightSeven.