25 Years After E.P

Cristian Varela / I.Villasante / Nacho Decoder

Record label
Vanvas Label
Catalog Number
Release Date
February 28th 2011


A1VanvarelaCristian Varela6:35
B1Four ElementsI.Villasante5:18
B2Hard HandsNacho Decoder6:10

You are part of the living history of electronic music in this country. Over 25 years we have been offering our unique philosophy club, on two premises: 'techno' and 'innovation.' Vanvas race can be distinguished into two stages: 'vanvas club' and 'vanvas outlimits.' + 1984 / / 1993 + Vanvas born in 1984 to offer a new musical trend from Germany and England, the 'EBM', the new groups emerging. We managed to distance himself from the 'movida Madrid eighties' of the time, and create a precedent that would allow a club of 400 people were known throughout Europe. Resident DJs: German and Rubio. + 1993 / / 1997 + New trends from Europe brought new sounds such as 'Hardtrance' 'Acid', 'Goa' made vanvas to venture back to provide novelty. At this stage, we were delighted to have as a resident DJ Pepo (one of the artistic icons of this country) and as we was one of the pioneers of electronic scene. The electronic music scene in Spain was young, and there were still big names and producers like Ike and JJ fax (great pioneers of production in this country), who also acted in Vanvas. + 1997 / / 2003 + In the constant search for new influences and currents, Vanvas gives a twist in his musical style and definitely aligns techno. Dj Willy, Nacho Decoder, Inaki Villasante Makoki and become part of the club's resident team. A premise of Vanvas is, offering cutting edge, we were pioneers in programming international artists, proof of this are the performances in Madrid: Red Head (1997), Marco Carola (1999) the first Tresor Night held in Spain, and the very exclusive set of 5h Marco Bailey decided to Vanvas. In summer 2003 Vanves club closes its doors, with the sole purpose of transmitting to all the faithful of the immortality of his spirit ... Vanvas Starts out limits + 2003 / / Today + It was a cry ... Vanves could not disappear, and in 2003 began a project that raises even more the name of Vanvas, and makes a living legend. In these 5 years have been plenty of rooms geography that have wanted the spirit of Vanvas rumbling within its walls.