Dump Truck EP

Cobblestone Jazz

Record label
Wagon repair
Catalog Number
WAG 004
Release Date
June 19th 2006


a1Track 1
B1Track 2

Danuel Tate, Tyger Dhula and Mathew Jonson release their first record on Wagon Repair. We have waited for this moment a long time! "Dump Truck" has elements from our live sets with a new twist and some really nice new keys from Danuel. "Peace Offering" is something all new from the same mix session after we drank some Jameson’s and had a smoke in celebration of mixing "Dump Truck". Only a few weeks old! Enjoy! Dump Truck Peace Offering Written, mixed and produced by Cobblestone Jazz Cobblestone Jazz is - Danuel Tate, Tyger Dhula and Mathew Jonson